What's the Point?



For obvious reasons the DCP site accepts only a limited number of photos. For more pics from Kurdistan and Algeria, including the Confluence Point visits see

<Kurdistan Page>

< Algeria Page >.


A Degree Confluence Point is a place on the globe where the latitude and longitude coordinates are exact integers, e.g. N36' 00" E44' 00". As shown on the GPS pic on the right.

The <Degree Confluence Project> is a website that collects pictures and stories from every confluence point on the planet (with some exceptions such as points out at sea with no distinguishable features).

If you are the first to visit and photograph a point you can submit an entry for approval.

In October 2008 I was working in Kurdistan North Iraq and I found an unvisited confluence point very close to where I was working (N36 E44).

I went there with fellow <doodlebugger> Ray Derrick of <doodlebuggers reunited> fame and local driver Mahmood Sorchie. I took photos and wrote a report which I then submitted to the Confluence Project site for approval.

I aint 'fraid no spiders


In February 2010 I was working in the Algerian Sahara desert and managed to get one of the many as yet unvisited confluence points in the country. Traveling around Algeria is not easy - not even with the backing of a large oil company.

My visit to <N31 E01> is now on the DCP site if you want to see what the middle of nowhere actually looks like.

My submission was accepted and can be seen here...<DCP - N36 E44>