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The House and Garden , Non Than, Udon Thani

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The Extension.

We thought it would be nice to add an extra room to the house so that I could set up a room for computers and kids schoolwork etc.

I spent many hours designing the extension as I could see there were areas that would need careful thought if we were to avoid problems.

As it turned out I needn't have bothered. The builders managed to create the problems I had foreseen despite my efforts to avoid them.

Lack of work and consequent lack of funds meant the room had to be put on hold until my next job came along.

Once bitten...?
How it stands in March 2011

Spring 2010

The Garden House.

Somewhere to chill out when things get a bit manic.

The House - March 2010
... ...
Winter 2009 It is sad to say but a 3 day rain deluge destroyed the entire crop. The loss in terms of money was nothing compared to the loss in terms of of energy and TLC that Meena had put into the plants.
Summer 2009 Putting down the lawn Lawn going down
The tree gives birth Meenas Dad doing the Garden Meenas Dad doing the Garden Fertilizer Ad
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