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Cha am

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May 2010 and I had only one week in Thailand so I decided to meet Meena at a beach we had not been to before - Cha am about 40km North of Hua Hin.
I also went again during my July break.

The beach was pretty much deserted at this time of year.

The Port was a typically colourful place to visit.

The Port area came highly recommended for its restaurants.
The beach front road traffic is very civilised and it's the only place I've been in Thailand where I felt safe riding a small motorbike.

Around the town and beach there are many bars to chill out in. Unless you're a dog, in which case the nearest tourist's table is a good spot for sleep and tidbits.

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Cha am is quiet at this time of year but gets busy around September to January. It looked like a good place to set up a shop and there was one up for rent so Meena now has her own shop selling clothes and nick nacks that you can't get in Cha am. ... ... ...
Golden Beach Hotel street bars are a good place to hang out. Tukta's coffee bar made excellent coffee to supplement the hotel mud served with breakfast. Her swiss boyfriend Timo and son Kevin were visiting. ... ... ... ... ...

The high rise hotel room balconies gave great views of the sunrise -

If you managed to get up in time that is.

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The nearby mountains (more like rocky hills actually) are a good place to visit. Getting to them by bike is not too scary as there are small quiet roads leading from the beach for the most part. ...
Cha am Temple was surprisingly interesting. Sometimes these small town temples can be a bit bland and boring (to a non-buddhist that is).
SHOP UPDATE December 2010:
The shop in Cha am did not work out. It is just too quiet there. So it has been relocated to a busy street on the outskirts of Udon Thani where it is now doing quite well. See New Shop
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