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Petchaburi - Floating Market and National Park

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My last trip to the Petchaburi Floating Market was in 1988.

This trip was part of a tourist day organised from Cha am where we were staying for a week - See Cha am page

Since 1988 there seemed to be a lot less floating markets and more of the usual Thai stalls that sell the same thing wherever you go in Thailand. One exception being the exceptional metalworking stall. The models were quite astounding - and consequently expensive. But I just had to get a Yoda for Caroline.

The Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park and museum were well worth a wander round but I still disagree strongly with having to pay 5 times the entrance fee simply because I am not Thai. This is not an off the cuff con by the person selling the tickets, this is normal accepted practice throughout Thailand and there are separate tickets produced for locals and foreign tourists.

It's is a good place to go if you like monkeys (Meena doesn't - or rather she doesn't trust them, and probably wisely).


Khao Luang cave temple was our last stop of the tourist day.

The cave was made more interesting by the way the light illuminated different parts of the caverns depending on the position of the Sun in relation to various holes in the roof.

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