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UK-2009 - BYE FRED


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I was in Thailand at the time of Fred's cremation so we held a Thai send off at a nearby temple. It was not a sombre affair, in fact it was quite jolly. The locals specially like the spectacle of a "falang" fumbling around with the Buddhist rituals. And I particularly liked the Thai pronunciation of Fred Checksfield - "Flez Checkfreelt"

In the evening we had another send off at home where we have a "Buddha's room" in the house. We timed it to coincide with the cremation in UK. The Thai tradition is to send people off with what they enjoyed in life. Hence the beer and curry puff.

The blessed water was poured onto my favourite tree in the garden.

Map of Thailand showing location of Udon Thani and Temple Closer view Map showing Temple where Fred's blessing was held
In Memory
Fred and Sheila Ice Creams? What Ice Creams The lads Forever in the pub!

When I returned to UK we had another send off but for Fred's ashes.

During Fred's life he spent many an afternoon helping to empty the beer fridge at my house in Ringwould so some of his ashes were put in the garden and watered in with a can of Stella!

Fred's sister (my Mum), his best friend (my Dad) and his favourite nephew (my brother Bill) are in the churchyard in Ringwould so some of Fred's ashes went there.

And of course some of Fred's ashes went in the garden at the Rising Sun where the owners have put up a plaque in the back garden in memory of Fred - Forever in the pub !!!

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