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So far this year I've spent only a few days in the UK.

As you can see most of this time was spent with sister Caroline in the kitchen at our Ringwould house.

Eating, drinking and playing with Simon's toys are the usual ingredients of the weekends.


Carolines Kitties

In September my short UK visit included, as always, a visit to the Rising Sun in Kingsdown to see Uncle Fred. Sadly this turned out to be Fred's last visit to his favourite watering hole.

I don't usually take my camera to the pub but for some reason on that day I did. Fred was taken ill later in the afternoon and never recovered. Three weeks later he died and we all dearly miss him and his friendly "hard-done-by-uncle" banter.

Monster Cat at the Riser Rising Sun Fred at the Riser Rising Sun Fred at the Riser Freds Mean Machine Saying goodbye to Uncle Fred (Gallery)
Garden Flower My room in UK Wez and Lew Caroline's Stir Fry   ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

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