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Still just making flying visits.

Food and drink are still the centre of activities.

Flew in to Gatwick on the 10th of Jan and flew straight on to Algeria. There was still much snow around and I wasn't going to risk getting stuck here again, as happened on my December 2009 visit.

Next real visit to UK was in April. Another one of Caroline's cats was run over so it joined the others in the garden. I'm not sure how Caroline knew it was dead it didn't look that much different from the remaining two live ones.

In the meantime, a very much alive and horny tom cat was trying to get his paws (and other parts of his anatomy) on Fluffy. Simon intervened - this was a mistake.

Went to Karoline Danstead's 50th Birthday party on my 5 day stay in April, and bumped into people I hadn't seen for a while. A good night but a rather unfortunate morning after.



UK in January

Flying into Gatwick in January
April See Comments on the left ...
Bury the cat No not this one Or this one ...
Pub Lunch A night out at the Indian A late night Indian
Karoline's 50th

There's one good way I know of getting rid of a hangover... Feed it.

So the morning after Karoline's 50th started with a fillet steak and egg fry up.

Then on to a seriously big steak and kidney pudding washed down with a nice bottle of Champagne.

Hangover Food Fillet Steak and Egg breakfast to beat back a hangover Ingredients for a steak and kidney pud Frying up the rump steak
And finally some Champers Cured! mmmm - Hangover Cured ... And on to Thailand with a Business Class Breakfast Business Class breakfast at Gatwick

Next visit in April and yes, more food and drink. First is always presents for Caroline - A rope dragon this time. Then a tour of the newly designed garden with chill-out area.

First on the menu is Chicken Fajitas
No visit is complete without half a cow. This beef tenderloin was destined for the next day's barbie. To the garden for some fresh herbs
In the meantime it was time for some pork tenderloin steaks in creamy mushroom sauce. Plus a drop of Charles Lafritte Champagne.
And then there was the barbie - The only thing that was not in danger of burning was the charcoal in the barbie.
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