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Hong Kong Page

I've never been here, but I've always wanted to go, so I will be visiting in December 2005.


Flying into Hong Kong



After The Trip

I have now been to Hong Kong.  I spent 4 days there which was just long enough to start getting used to the public transport system.

Hong Kong is now very much Chinese.

I was surprised that apart from hotel employees, very few locals could speak English.

The Chinese food was outstanding and nothing like your typical English-Chinese takeaway. Although I did draw the line at Roasted Pork with Jelly-Fish.

Hong Kong is otherwise what you may expect...


Lots of high rise buildings




Nice quiet Islands...



...with quiet streets.



And not much "Junk" in the harbour.



Hong Kong Tram.




While I was there The World Trade Organisation was having a global meeting.  The parks in Hong Kong were full of various rallies and demonstrations.  Some streets were "no-go" areas.


Overall a nice place to go if you have a bit of time and money.  Unfortunately I had neither in great abundance, but Hong Kong was still worth a visit.