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Doodlebugging in Libya

I worked on Crew 6810 in the Sahara Desert, usually within a few hundred miles of town called Sabha. Unfortunately I don't have any of my own pics from Libya .  I seem to remember that, at the time mid-late eighties, wandering around Libya with a camera was not a very sensible thing to do.The crew I was on used trucks with large vibrating pads to get the seismic energy into the ground.  These trucks were called "Vibrators".

The mechanics who maintained them always enjoyed telling strangers about their job...

" What do you do for a living? "

" I'm a vibrator mechanic! "

As I don't have any of my own pics I pinched the one above from a site devoted to doodlebugging.  If you are an old (or new) doodlebugger and have not done so already, then check it out...


Before resorting to Grand-Theft-Image I tried a google search for some royalty free vibrator pics, but the resulting images were somehow inappropriate!

I left Libya (and doodlebugging) not too many years after a certain American actor playing the part of a President decided that it would be a good idea to go and blow the shit out of Tripoli.  Despite this, many people stayed, and today I still have friends who doodlebug in Libya.

The following pics were sent to me by a friend who is still in the land of Sun, Sand and Suffering...

Despite being out of seismic for around 20 years, I can see that little has changed.  And that water truck looks very familiar.  I bet I even know the driver!

The desert is a great place for re-cycling;  but I'm surprised the back axle and exhaust are still attached.

And who forgot to take the logo off the door?

So that was Libya.  I'll post more if I can find some and if I get time.