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OZ Story

I am now back from my brief OZ visit in March 2006.  I spent about 7 days in Sydney and 3 days in the Blue Mountains.


Flying into Sydney gave great views of the city.


I was travelling around OZ with Barbara, a friend from Deal in Kent.  Barbara met up with me when I was in New Zealand (see NZ pages).



We stayed in a Hostel in Potts Point just off Kings Cross.



Kings Cross is renound for its X-Rated shows and shops.  But despite this, Kings Cross also has a peaceful family feel during the day and it is bustling at most times.  It has many "ordinary" bars, cafes and restaurants that are frequented by people of all persuasions from all walks of life.

But after sundown...  ...it's a different story.



Here's Barabara at the fountain in Kings Cross.  It reminds me of a dandelion when it has gone to seed.




Barbara has friends in Sydney, John and Sue.  Sue is a top notch chef.  She made us lunch, and one evening we went to dinner at their place.  But there's no point in trying to describe how wonderful Sue's cooking is, words are simply not enough to do it justice.


They were wonderful company and showed us many Sydney sights we may otherwise have missed.


This glorious coastline is just 20 minutes from downtown Sydney.





Needless to say, we visited the Harbour Bridge (although we didn't climb it!)...


...And the Opera house.  We didn't climb that either, but I bet some mad Ozzie has at some time.




And, of course, a Sydney "Must Do" is to have your picture taken sitting on the steps.



Sydney is very much an "outdoors" city;  The streets and parks are simply teeming with exhibits, artwork, buskers and all manner of street entertainment.

One particular exhibit was made up of about 192** six-foot-six bears, one for every country in the world.  Each one decorated by artists from that country.


**  The number of countries in the world depends on your political point of view !!!  Yes really! - check it out in the world atlas...  Click the link and see...



Here's me next to the Thailand bear.



Barbara, never one to shy away from chatting to strange men, was a bit lost for words here.




Sydney estuary harbours many idyllic beaches and small townships.  Ferries to many lovely places run all day 'til late.

We caught the ferry to Manly, one of the most pictuesque and popular places around Sydney.




Me near Manly beach.



The Blue Mountains

Just a couple of hours on the train from sydney and you are in the Blue mountains.  The Blue Mountains are so named not because of poetic license but simply because the air is blue.  The oil from the eucalyptus trees is drawn up into the atmosphere and gives a blue haze when light shines through it.

This picture has not had its colour balance adjusted.  It shows the colours exactly as I saw them.




You can spend weeks tramping around the walking tracks.  Each one has something different to offer.




...Always lovely views.  These are the "Three Sisters".



On one of the many tracks there is a cable car that crosses a wide valley almost 300m straight down.  The cable car has a section with a glass floor that is not for the faint hearted.




Sydney and surrounds has enough to keep most people happy for months on end.  This page is just the tip of the iceberg.  And if you want to see the rest of Australia, you will need to take a few years off!


Didn't get much time for a " bike-about "