Party Time

Pat and Steve's 25th


The pics and vids on this page are by special request from the locals at the "Five Bells" in Ringwould.  Well actually they specially requested that I should not post them.

So what else could I do?



The Happy Couple




The Buffet




The Drinking




Ohhh the drinking !




Then came "The Singing"


Female Vocalist - very vocal




"Boy" Band - Take What?




"Girl" Band - Atomic Pussies



--- CAUTION ---

The following link will download a movie file of "Big Dave" singing "Baby You Can Turn Me On" (well sort of). But be warned it is not for the faint hearted.  It's 9MB and so will take a little time to download but it's well worth the wait.  Use "Right-Click" on the picture of the movie player below, then "Save Target As" to download Dave to your hard drive. Not sure about viruses - but certainly no computer viruses.



And more "Singing"


Male Vocalist - "Red"

"At least 2 voted him Best in concert", said man-in-pub.




Another girl band




 Not sure what Steve is trying to do here.




The Duet...

..and the duel - It's my microphone and I'm taking it home.




But love was in the hair




What to do when the buffet food has gone.





More pics of the day...

No special order.