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Doodlebugging in Sudan

In the mid-eighties I worked in the South of Sudan (The Sud) on the swamp crew (6126) and the bush crew (6125).

The Main Geosource Office, Muglad...

6126 - Swamp Crew (The Swamp Rats)...

If you've ever wanted to be up to your nuts in fetid papaya swamp that is alive with all manner of beasties, then this is the place to be.

It did have its plus side though.  Ordinary trucks just would not hack it here, so we had to use monster swamp buggies and helicopters in order to get the job done - great fun !

"Me and my buggy".

  To give you an idea of the size of these monsters, I am 6' 4" tall.

Getting on and off the buggy without getting your feet wet was quite an interesting challenge.

A helicopter can be very useful for finding out why your field instruments are giving wild temperature readings, and the ex-Nam pilots were always up for a bit of sport.

But all this aside, having a helicopter at your beckon call is just soooo cool.

6125 Bush Crew

I'll add to this section when I've scanned a few more pics (no digital cameras when I was doodlebugging).