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Here's a new slant on the Sudoku puzzle...


Do It Yourself Sudoku.


At least I think it's a new slant as I haven't seen it before.

The idea is to start with a totally blank grid and fill it in however you like.  But you must stick to the Sudoku rules.

Sounds easy doesn't it?


And at first it is.  But as you fill in the grid it becomes more difficult.


The following are examples that use an Excel spreadsheet (available to download - see later).

Sequential method...

First place the ones where you would like them...

Then the twos...



Notice how the totals are all the same.  This lets you know everything is fine so far.


And Finished.  Although it did get a bit tricky when I got to six.


The column, row and box totals will all add up to 45 if you have got it right.


It does look easy doesn't it?  Try it !

I have only tried it a couple of times and I did manage to do it once (above example).

But this attempt became insoluble...


Or you could try the column or row method where each column or row is completed in turn. (Much easier).


You could also try the box method where you complete each box in turn rather than each column or row in turn.  Again, not too tricky until you get to the last boxes.



If any Sudoku experts can tell me whether there is a simple rule to follow when making grids (as there is with magic squares) then I would be pleased to hear from you because it would make this slant on Sudoku rather pointless.

If you have any (friendly) comments, you can email me...


Click on the link below to download a zip file containing the spreadsheet (2Kb).

(You need Excel for it to work of course).

Blank Sudoku Excel spreadsheet

NOTE: Does not contain macros, home made VB code or any other possible nasty.  But as always, what you run on your computer is your own responsibility.


Of course you could fill every square of my spreadsheet with the number five - it wont check for this.  Nor will it check that you haven't cheated.  But if it looks like this is a reasonable slant on the game I may write it in VB as a little programming exercise.


If you find this whole idea too simple, then you can at least use it to make your own Sudoku puzzles for other people.  Simply fill out the grid and then take away numbers using reverse Sudoku logic.

Now that is tricky !!!



And finally...



I apologise to any Sun readers, but I couldn't resist it.


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