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In case you are wondering - doodlebugger is the slang name given to a person who leaves the comfort of their own home shores to go and work in the Oil & Gas industry.  Often going to places that make the Ray Mears wildlife TV program look like a day at the zoo.

These pages contain some of my pics from the eighties when I had the dubious accolade of "doodlebugger".  From 1979 onwards I worked for a company called Geosource - a sort of offshoot of Petty-Ray Geophysical.  Geosource has since mutated through several take-overs and name changes, but the underlying idea has not changed - "Keep bashing those rocks guys".

Click on any of the links below for pics and (short) stories.

Oman: (Southern Desert Crew)

Sudan: (Southern Bush and Swamp Crew)

Libya: (Sahara Desert Crew)

Also check out ... doodlebuggersreunited.com

The following is an ancient web download that's been going around for years. I have to confess to altering the picture slightly.

Mike the Doodlebugger

And if you think you recognise the doodlebugger in the picture then you probably know Mike Bonnici.