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House and Garden 2011

House & Garden

Food and Eating Gallery 2011
Trip to the Market - Links to Food and Eating Gallery
LAOS - Visa Runs

Meena Fashion

New Shop in Udon Thani
That's Fairly Interesting!
Black Smoke
Diesel Engine Emissions

Cha am

Cha am


Past Updates

Trips & Temples
July 2010 Erawan Cave Buddha
Petchaburi Floating Market tour

Floating Market Tour
UK 2008 added

UK 2010
More from Algeria

Desert Dwellers

Chiang Mai
April 2010

Chiang Mai
Algeria Pics
March 2010

August Sunset
Confluence Point Algeria N32 E01

Links to the "around the House" gallery - all new pics
Thai House
March 2010

The house as it is today - 31st August 2009

UK 2009 Gallery

UK 2009

Kurdistan 2008 Gallery

Kurdistan 2008
Saying goodbye to Uncle Fred 2009
A sad goodbye
Xmas & New Year in Thailand 2009Happy Christmas
Old Family PicsSome really old pics
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