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    Nothing too serious in this site, it's just a place where I keep pictures and stories of what I've been up to for anyone to see if they're interested. It's also somewhere for me to put my opinions;
again for anyone to see if they're interested.
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    There are many pages in here that contain java or VB script. If you have tight security settings you may get warnings of possible threats and evil doings ... But don't panic.

If it's stuff I've downloaded it will be simple short snippets of code that I thoroughly check. If it's stuff produced by my web page design package then I still always check the written code. If it's stuff I've written myself then rest assured that unlike many people who should know better, I do not take sadistic and childish pleasure in destroying other people's property.

I have not locked, hidden or encrypted any pages or code so the HTML and script code is openly available for you to see. In fact I'd like you to see it because it can seem like writing computer programs is reserved for rocket scientists, and if it turns out that my coding helps show people that anyone can write programs then so much the better.
    If you choose to block the Active Content I've put into the pages then many things won't work. But this is no big deal if you just want to nose around... It's up to you.

I am fairly experienced in most common programming languages (VB, C++ etc.) but this is my first serious attempt at HTML, JAVA and Internet oriented programming.
Consequently I will be hitting the stumbling blocks that most newcomers have to face and I will be highlighting them. The programming purists will probably mock my early (and later) HTML and script programming, but as I progress my programs get tidier. I deliberately leave old pages untidy as a record of my struggles with web design software...

I have read that VB Script only works in Internet Explorer. I have not tested this to be the case yet but I will be writing Java script as well which should work.

If you are using a browser that doesn't support all of the current accepted HTML Script languages then I guess that's your choice.

For me, I'm no big Microsoft fan but their stuff works or no one would use it - One exception being OUTLOOK - I use Thunderbird - it does all that I want and doesn't trip over it's own stupid feet by trying to be too clever. For browsers, I've tried Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and another I can't remember the name of (it was that good!). But to me as someone who just wants to read web pages they are just the same thing in a different wrapper so why bother?

And they all have different quirks and User Interfaces which annoys me. It takes ages to learn the intricacies of a User Interface and then you have to go through the whole painful process again if you switch browsers. This is one of my biggest gripes with Microsoft. Why do they keep changing the Operating System Interface? I'm happy with all the extra toys they've put in but does that mean they have to completely alter the way the interface works - the control panel for example, why change all the icons and move things around? The hardware manager is the bloody hardware manager so why suddenly decide to bury it in a different menu system?

Anyway, back to VB Script. I write programs in many languages but I just happen to prefer writing programs in VB. Ever since my early programming days when you had to write in assembly to get anything done quickly some people have shunned or mocked BASIC .

The word BASIC and the fact that the "B" stands for "Beginner's" are probably the reasons why some of the early programmer's egos would not let them use it. If its name had been "REALLYHARD" or "IMPOSSIBLYDIFFICULT" then the egotists would probably have hailed it as the best thing since sliced silicon.

BASIC is easy to use, sure, but it is far from basic. It's a powerful rapid development tool that is used by many professional software writers.

Politics and egotism should not be mixed with science but unfortunately computing has left the hands of the scientists and fallen into the hands of geeks and marketing executives.

So I guess we have to expect some irrational behaviour from people and their software.

Oh, and not forgetting the out and out toe rags that have got involved in computing (see note 1).

Note 1: The term "toe rag" refers to those people who stoop so low as to use their obvious talents to write software to deliberately destroy other peoples computing enjoyment simply for their own personal gratification. I can understand the motivation of those that do this kind of thing for profit but greed does not make them any less of a toe rag. In fact the term "toe rag" does not fully describe the twats that do this sort of thing but I would need a page of extremely offensive and in some places banned expletives in order to do any justice to a description of these low-lifes.


My Website host. They do not insist on having their name (or anyone else's) on my pages. But I have found them very reliable and helpful so I thought I'd mention them anyway.
Good free fonts - The Thai style English script especially.
Lots of good stuff to do with web programming. Specially like the way the author hasn't forgotten that computing without math's is just doodling (my words not his).